Hadi Raza

Hadi Raza

Customer Success Manager

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

Albert Einstein

Hadi joined nClouds as a Customer Success Manager in 2019 because the company attracts the best and brightest minds, and employees get to work with awesome clients, amazing employees and intelligent thinkers. He particularly likes the creative work environment, collaboration, and disruptive innovation at nClouds.

Hadi has six years’ experience delivering technical and financial projects across the globe and has enjoyed leading an innovative, impactful and diligent team of engineers throughout his career. At nClouds, he develops trusted relationships with clients and focuses on defining a clear vision and setting strategic directions to drive a project to success.

Hadi is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner with a Master’s degree in Project Management and a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. When he’s not driving successful projects at nClouds, Hadi enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing table tennis, hiking, and exploring new restaurants.

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